Searching For . . . on OWN TV

Searching For . . . on OWN TV

January 1st marked the launched of the new Oprah Winfrey Network — OWN! This new network is all the rave and I am especially excited about seeing the new documentary show, “Searching for …” that features the real-life work of Pam Slaton, a professional investigative genealogist, who help  people track down lost loved ones.

According to the OWN —

“Pam Slaton’s career as a professional investigative genealogist began nearly 20 years ago. Wanting to find her own birth mother, Pam hired to a professional searcher. The experience was the most devastating of her life, and Pam vowed that no one else should have to go through what she did. She keeps her own pain in mind when helping clients on their journeys. And her results are astounding! Pam has an 85 percent success rate, follows a strict “no find, no pay” policy, and is one of the most sought-after professional searchers in the country.”

A sneak peek of this new show aired January 1 right around the time I left home on my genealogy roadtrip; so I missed it! And based on the 150+ comments left at the website, this is a show I MUST see this year.

To learn more about “Searching for …” visit the show’s link on the official OWN TV website ––OWN-TV. If you get a chance to see the sneak preview of this one, let me know what you think!


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