A new free search engine for genealogists and people interested in learning more about their family history launched Tuesday, March 15, 2011. According to an official press release on GeneaPress,

Mocavo enables the search of more than 50 billion words – including billions of names, dates and places, all within fractions of a second. fills an important industry need by providing the first large-scale, free search engine for family history research. Coupled with the speed and accuracy by which search results are produced, represents a major technological breakthrough within the genealogy world.”

I haven’t tried this specialized search engine just yet, but I plan to take it out for a spin very soon. For now, I understand that the search engine is FREE to everyone — YEAH!  So type a name you’re interested in, in the search field, then click search. If you plan to use this search engine anytime soon, let me know what you think. If you’ve used it already, please let me know just how successful you were with this tool!


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  1. Good news!

    Mocavo raises $1 Million to build its Ancestry-centric search engine! Read all about it here –


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