Road Trip: Houston Family History Expo 2012

Family History Expo

In a few hours I will be heading out for an information packed two day genealogy conference.  That’s right, I will be attending the Houston Family History Expo 2012. This year’s theme is – YOUR FAMILY HISTORY STARTS HERE! – and I understand that Lisa Louise Cooke, producer of the Genealogy Gems Podcast and this year’s opening keynote speaker, will be on hand to get us all fired up and ready to engage in all things “genealogy” this weekend . . . woo-hoo!

This will be my first Family History Expo, so I’m excited about going and look forward to learning a great deal. I’m especially glad to know that Family History Expo, Inc. responded to our soft economy and lowered the cost of this event making it very affordable for anyone who plans and wants to attend. If you registered early, the cost was only $69 for both days and $99 if paid at the door (which is still an affordable fee for those making the decision to attend at the last minute).

According to Family History Expo, Inc., “… a few reasons why you don’t want to miss this event, registered attendees can take advantage of the following bonus items:

*  Free personalized genealogy wall charts for attendees (made from
your personal files) valued at $19.00 or more.
*  Class Handouts Syllabus include materials from three Expos with more
than 300 pages of research guidance.
*  Free online class offered by Genealogical Studies valued at $89.00
*  Download, view and study class handouts before the event so you can
come prepared with questions.
*  FamilySearch developers, consultant training, and expert researchers
from the Family History Library will be there teaching classes.
*  Ask-the-Pros booth where you can bring personal research and
genealogical questions to discuss with our professional researchers
$50 value.
*  Exhibit area filled with vendors who have unique products and
services, family historians and genealogists love to learn about.
*  Speakers and vendors from throughout the United States, Canada,
Israel, and Africa. A unique opportunity to increase skills and
networking with other researchers.
*  Meet bloggers who will be talking about the event via twitter, blogs,
and other social media.
*  Amazing door prizes each hour and grand prizes at the end of the
Expo! People qualify to win prizes by attending classes”

. . . .and much more!

Conference registration and Exhibit Halls open at 1 PM CST and I will be checking in at that time. To see a list of workshops that I plan to attend this weekend, check out my conference session picks at, my favorite social conference directory – Feel free to join me at and list the sessions you will be attending, or tracking, as well if you like. You can check out my reaction as a first-timer at this conference on Twitter by following me (@claimingkin) and here’s my hashtag for this event #fhexpo



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