Blue Monday: “Woman Killed”

One of the first items my mother gave me when I sat down to interview her about the Chapple family and her siblings a few years ago was the 1954 newspaper clipping below about the murder of her sister, Estella (Chapple) Thomas. I’ve known about her death since my pre-teen years; she died before I was born. But to see and read this news clipping for the very first time about the way she died impacted me more than I realized. I often think about what it would have been like to know her . . .

Woman Killed

Mrs. Estella Thomas, 28, of 2402 Altoona St became involved in arguments with two men at the same time early Monday – and was shot to death.

Oia Henson, 26, of 2412 1/2 Altoona, a Texas Southern University student, said the shooting was accidental, that he had got his German Luger to protect her and that it discharged accidentally. But the police charged him in Justice of the Peace Dave Thompson’s court with murder.

The other man, L. K. Brown, 36, said he and Mrs. Thomas were just having a discussion about the $20 she owed him for furniture when Henson and Mrs. Thomas got into an argument and she was shot. A bullet hit her in the face and she was dead when the police arrived.

The discussions and the shooting occurred in her home just before 2 AM.


Source Citation:

“Woman Killed,” Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas, 31 August 1954.


5 thoughts on “Blue Monday: “Woman Killed”

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    • Hi Dee! I asked my mom was there a trial and she doesn’t really know. She said that at the time their father was handling everything and talking to lawyers. But after awhile, nothing else was shared with the family. I simply don’t believe this man pulled out his gun to protect my aunt as he claims. But I guess we will never really know the truth as to what happened that night!

      I have researched the criminal archives at our county’s district clerk’s website for a case number. But they did not start indexing criminal cases online until the 1970’s. But I will search again because I would really like to know what the final outcome was for him for killing her.


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