Wordless Wednesday: The Only Chapple Boy

Well, almost wordless . . .

Among those Chapple Girls was one boy . . .

Joseph Lee Chapple

Joseph poses with Lady Friend

My Uncle Joseph was quite a character and definitely considered himself a smooth operator when it came to the fairer sex!

Uncle and his hoopty!

Those who knew him thought he was a rascal! Quiet as it’s kept, he did put the “r” in rascality . . . .LOL!


Uncle keeping a watchful eye on Me!

But, despite all his carrying on and waywardness, he took very good care of me whenever I was left in his care. Uncle Joseph died July 5, 1994 (you can read more about him at FindAGrave). He was definitely one of my favorites in the family!

If you have this only Chapple boy from the Houston, Harris County, Texas area in your family tree, let me hear from you because –  I’m Claiming Kin!


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Only Chapple Boy

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