Story Corps National Day of Listening 2012

Yesterday — November 23, 2012 — marked the 5th anniversary of the National Day of Listening 2012! This new national holiday started by StoryCorps (pronounced story core) in 2008, encourages all of us to set aside one hour the day after Thanksgiving to honor a loved one through listening! Why? Well, it is the least expensive, but most meaningful, gift we can give this holiday season! There are 5 ways to participate in this national event: 1) Listen to stories at StoryCorps 2012 Wall of Listening; 2) Record a story; 3) Ask friends, family, neighbors, and community to participate; 4) Get your company/organization involved; 5) Tell StoryCorps about your National Day of Listening experience on Facebook and Twitter.

So how did I celebrate this national holiday?

I celebrated this event by recording the life memories of my oldest “living” family member — my mom! Just the thought of being able to share my mother’s life and the lives of her parents and grandparents with future generations of my family (especially my three grand-daughters) made this national day of listening a very special one!  

For the interview:
1) I selected 70-80 questions from a genealogy interview guide I use regularly by Tracey Carrington Converse: Genealogy Interview Questions.

2) I invited my mom to join me on a free online conference call at where I was able to record our hour long interview. Once our call ended, the conference recording was automatically converted into an audio file (MP3) that was emailed to me within two hours of the conference’s end time.

3) I uploaded the MP3 file in WavePad to listen to and to make any necessary edits to it for clarity.

4) I burned this audio recording to a CD/DVD as well as saved a copy via my Google Drive & SugarSync (cloud).

Did you set aside an hour to honor a love one through listening yesterday?! If you did, share your experience!


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