FTU Winter 2013 Virtual Conference, February 22-24, 2013

Guess what? Oh you never will, so I will just tell you . . .

In just a few days I will be attending my first FTU –Family Tree University’s — Winter 2013 Virtual Conference! I’ve been attending small, medium, and large B2B virtual conferences for quite some time. So I’m no stranger to Internet events of this nature. But what makes this conference so exciting and different from all the virtual ones I’ve attended to date:
1) this will be my first Family Tree University experience — YEAH! I’ve heard great things about the genealogy courses and programs they offer
2) I get to spend three glorious days at a genealogy conference that is completely and totally accessible from my home computer.

Family Tree University Winter 2013 Virtual Conference

If I sound like I’m all jazzed about this conference, I truly am — woo-hoo!

What’s in store for me at this year’s virtual conference?

  • 15 half-hour video classes in three tracks:
    • genealogy technology track
    • research strategies track
    • ethnic research track
  • Unlimited viewing: My all-access pass gets me into all 15 classes during the three-day conference—I can even download the videos to watch again later or view ones I missed!
  • Make my own schedule: All classes are pre-recorded, so I don’t have to show up at a specific time to catch the ones I want—or choose between sessions I’m interested in.
  • Live chats and message board discussions: I get to enhance my conference experience by participating in conversations with FTU staff and instructors.
  • Convenience: Unlike in-person genealogy conferences and seminars, I can take part in the Family Tree University Virtual Conference anywhere I have Internet connection! Best of all, there’s no travel costs and parking hassles to contend with!
  • Value: My conference registration saves me 55% off the price of purchasing each video separately ($29.99). It’s like getting 8 classes for free!
  • “Swag bag” of freebies from ShopFamilyTree.com

When the conference program said, “[g]et an intensive dose of genealogy education at FTU’s Winter 2013 Virtual Genealogy Conference …” they were not kidding and I’m so-o-o-o-o ready to experience all this conference has to offer!

LanyrdTo prepare for this event, I entered all of the video classes and live chat sessions at my favorite online social conference directory — Lanyrd.com Be sure to check out the classes and chat sessions I’ll have full access to by clicking the Lanyrd icon to the left of this paragraph!


2 thoughts on “FTU Winter 2013 Virtual Conference, February 22-24, 2013

    • Hey Shelley and thanks so much for stopping by and for cheering me on as I go through this intensive workshop of classes I’m sure will help hon my research skills even more. Keep an eye on my Twitter stream to see what I think about all of my classes. See you online!


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