My Family’s First Round of Y-DNA Testing is Back

This summer is definitely sizzling hot for me as I make some substantial breaks in my research about my maternal great-grandfather Lewis Chappel, and getting my family’s first round of Y-DNA testing back too!

I took advantage of the special FamilyTreeDNA was offering for Y-DNA 12 testing in April. My oldest brother (Elgin Taylor) agreed to test and the results are back. His results could not have come back at a better time, for FamilyTreeDNA has a great sizzling summer sale going on right now on their genetic genealogy tests through July 26. This test he took in April was just the start and the basic information that came back (the origin of ancestry for my male lineage is Nigeria) has definitely peaked our family’s interest to know more. So I’m in the process of ordering an additional test while this great sale is going on.

So if you’ve been thinking about genetic testing to answer your genealogy questions (or just to determine the origins of your ancestry), then I share the summer sale newsletter I received from FamilyTreeDNA with you below!

Dear Valued Customer,

Summer is once again upon us and it is time for our Sizzling Summer event! Our successful summers over the last two years have led us to offer you great values again this year.

We have been working with Illumina to offer our Family Finder autosomal test for only $99 during our summer event. In fact, if we receive enough orders at $99, Illumina may be able to help us keep it at this extremely low of rate of $99!

As you take advantage of our summer event, remember that the permanency of the $99 Family Finder test is actually in your hands!

Beginning on Thursday, June 27, 2013 and running until Friday, July 26, 2013, we will offer the following:

Family Finder
was $289; Now $99

mtDNA Full Sequence
as $289; Now $189

was $169; Now $129

was $268; Now $208

was $359; Now $308

Family Finder + Y-DNA37
was $368; Now $228

Family Finder + Y-DNA67
was $467; Now $307

Family Finder + mtDNAFullSequence
was $398; Now $288

Comprehensive Genome (Y-DNA67, FMS & FF)
was $666; Now $496



4 thoughts on “My Family’s First Round of Y-DNA Testing is Back

  1. Liv,
    That’s a pretty good result, by giving you the country of origin you can now proceed to bring that forward, just knowing is also nice. In some parts of the states there is such a large Nigerian population perhaps they might have some clues. All in all I got to get started quickly.


    • @minkyadoo, I was so excited to get this information! Thanks so much for this advice!!! I’ve been focusing so much of my time searching for great-grandfather Lewis, that I haven’t delved into my test results just yet. But I plan to real soon and what you shared is going to be very helpful!


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