Wordless Wednesday: Willie Taylor

Well, almost wordless . . .

I recently received a care-package from a family member and inside were these FABULOUS photos of my paternal grandfather, Willie Taylor!


I have never seen pictures of my grandfather as a young man. So having these photos of him looking fresh, fly, and dressed for success was a wonderful treat!


I’m not sure when and where these photos were taken. What I do know —  these pictures were printed on Kodak Velox Paper. According to, “Stamps,” chapter 15 in David Rudd Cycleback’s Guide to Identifying Photographs online, there were four common Kodak photo paper brands used, and  . . . [1]

[i]f the back of the photo has the three line printing ‘Kodak/Velox/Paper,’ the photo dates circa 1950s-60s.”

Willie Taylor was born 16 December 1909 in Chappel Hill, Washington County, Texas. So considering the decade these photos were taken, he looks like he was probably in his mid 40’s or at least between 41 to 51 years of age!

If you have my handsome grandfather, Willie Taylor, in your family research, let me hear from you because . . . I’m claiming kin!

Source Citation:

1. Cycleback, D. R. (2003). Chapter 15: Stamps. Cycleback.com: Guide to Identifying Photographs. Retrieved August 6, 2013, from http://www.cycleback.com/photoguide/stamps.html


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Willie Taylor

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  2. With this act of love that we do, I have been finding out that someone out there has what you want in terms of pictures and there is always someone willing to share, depart with an heirloom with someone who shows care and concern Hey your that person. (very handsome pics)
    Well you started this Liv here is my grandfather
    Mr. Julius Curtis Bough 18891936


  3. I find with this Act Of Love there is alway a relative willing to share a picture, document, etc with someone that shows appreciation. Im glad they sent you the care package. Well you started the bit and here is mines. Here is my grandfather Julius Curtis Bough 1889-1936


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