Blog Caroling 2013: Sweet Little Jesus Boy

It’s Blog Caroling time again everyone and I want to send out special THANKS to footnoteMaven for hosting another wonderful caroling event for Geneabloggers! I’ve been blog caroling now for a few years (three years to be exact) and truly enjoy sharing some of my family’s favorite Christmas music with the online genealogy community.  

Blog Caroling

Click the Victorian Santa & Come Blog Caroling With Me!

My feature Christmas song this year is, “Sweet Little Jesus Boy.” According to Wikipeida

Sweet Little Jesus Boy is a Christmas song composed by Robert MacGimsey and published in 1934. Its style is similar to African-American spirituals. It has been recorded by many choirs and solo artists.” [1]

The first time I heard, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, it was performed by one of the most prolific gospel singers of the 20th century — Mahalia Jackson! This 1956 Christmas LP (remember those 33⅓ rpm vinyl records?) titled, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, was a favorite in my home and played not just during the holiday season. Thoughts of this classic album brings back so many wonderful memories of my family’s love of music and all of the holiday music played in my home through the years!

Merry Christmas to you and yours; enjoy!

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Sweet little Jesus boy
They made you be born in a manger
Sweet little holy child
We didn’t know who you were
Didn’t know you’d come to save us Lord
To take our sins away
Our eyes were blind, we could not see
We didn’t know who you were

Long time ago
You were born
Born in a manger Lord
Sweet little Jesus boy
The world treats you mean Lord
Treats me mean too
But that’s how things are down here
We don’t know who you are

You have told us how
We are trying
Master you have shown us how
Even when you were dying
Just seems like we can’t do right
Look how we treated you
But please Sir forgive us Lord
We didn’t know it was you

Sweet little Jesus boy
Born a long time ago
Sweet little holy child
We didn’t know who you were

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Source Citation:
1. Sweet Little Jesus Boy. (2013, January 09). Wikipedia. Retrieved December 22, 2013, from


6 thoughts on “Blog Caroling 2013: Sweet Little Jesus Boy

  1. Caroling is one of the best parts of Christmas. We are rejoicing with you! Mahalia’s song brought back some memories. Thank you for sharing.


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