Today is My Blogiversary!

Today not only is the first day of 2017, but it is also the 6th Blogiversay of Claiming Kin! This year I’m celebrating this special milestone with a new and improved look for my favorite space in cyberspace. This new design represents how I plan and want to express myself and share my ancestors and family’s history with you this year and beyond!

Claiming Kin Ancestor Collage

Special thanks go to John S. (@kooldesignmaker), who has done lots of graphic work for me through the years, for transforming my old family photos into the awesome  – Claiming Kin Ancestor Collage – you see when you visit my Facebook profile page. This collage is a visual representation of ancestors and family members I celebrate and honor each day since I started this genealogical journey in 1989.

Sending virtual (((((hugs & best wishes)))) to all my family and genealogy friends who visit this blog and interact with me here regularly. THANK YOU so much! I appreciate your friendship, guidance, patience, and support very much. I wish you and yours a —

Happy New Year 2017

11 thoughts on “Today is My Blogiversary!

    • Happy New Year Shelley! How the heck have you been?! Thank you so much for your continued support through the years. I felt like expressing myself and my ancestors in a new way this year. So a new look is just the start of what I have planned for myself this year. And I expect to see some great family research from you too this year. Take care and let’s bust through some brick walls this year! Again, THANK YOU!


    • Thank you Kristin for celebrating my 6th Blogiversary with me! You are the inspiration behind my new look. So I am pleased to hear you like how I’ve decided to express myself and all my ancestors in 2017 and beyond!


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