Happy National DNA Day 2017!

My celebration of National DNA Day and fascination with genetic DNA testing began with my first mitochondrial test (mtDNA) on 30 December 2011. The results of my mitochondrial lineage — Haplogroup L2a1l1b — just confirmed what I already knew about myself and the female ancestors in my family tree — our ancient origins/roots are in Africa!

As more genetic tests became available, my desire to know more about my ancestral roots prompted me to expand my results. So from 2011 to 2016, I completed the mtDNA Plus, Family Finder, mtFull Sequence, and Autosomal tests. With each test, I learned some amazing information about my lineage and ethnicity!

I’m 84% African. No surprises there!

I'm 84% Africa
Cameroon/Congo – 29%; Benin/Togo – 18%; Nigeria 13%; Mali – 12%; Ivory Coast/Ghana 9%

I’m 12% European. It was interesting to learn which areas of Europe are a part of my DNA!

I'm 12% European
Ireland – 6%; Scandinavia – 3%; Western Europe – 2%; Finland/Northwest Russia – 1%; Great Britain – <1%

Guess what?! I’m 2% Asian! Who knew?! – ROFL!!

I'm 2% Asian
Regions: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan; Azerbaijan, Afghanistan

To every family member who told me that my great-great-grandmothers on both sides of my family tree were Native Americans (and I didn’t believe them), this one is for you!

I’m 1% Native American! So I guess those relatives who talked about having high cheekbones, being hairless with straight hair that is not exactly curly, kinky, or spirally may have been on to something here — LOL!

I'm 1% Native American

So, how will you celebrate National DNA Day? Feel free to celebrate with me here by sharing your Haplogroup and/or Ethnicity results in the comment section of this post if you like!


6 thoughts on “Happy National DNA Day 2017!

    • Hey Sweet Potato #1! Sorry for the delay. I have more test with @FamilyTreeDNA mainly because its based in H-Town and I live in H-Town. However, I just recently tested your grandmother with @23and Me. I should have results back on her test very soon and should be able to share more information about that test with you soon. I’ve tested with @Ancestry because I host our family tree on that website and have located more cousins other there because of our family trees and testing. I plan to blog more about my experiences with these test very soon. So stay tuned!


  1. I’m a week late and I didn’t actually celebrate dna day. I have had 3 tests done, starting witth just a mtdna and then ancestry.com and 21&me I have convinced cousins and an aunt to test. Others have come to it all on their own. Although my dna is mixed, I’ve never considered myself mixed in the way that Tiger Woods did. I’ve been black all my life and can’t picture it any other way. Wish my parents had been alive to test, an my grandparents!


    • Happy Memorial Day Kristin! I apologize for the slow response! Personally I’ve only tested with @FamilyTreeDNA and @Ancestry. However, I just did a @23andMe test with my mom who is 89 years old. So I am looking forwarding to getting back her results. I believe I can transfer her data over to FamilyTreeDNA as well.


  2. Happy DNA Day to you as well. Remember the Tiger Woods controversy, when he identified himself as a Cablinasian. Most African Americans were offended by him not choosing one ethnicity, myself included. With the popularity of genealogical DNA testing, we can all claim our multi- ethnicity as you so proudly showed us.

    As for me, I selected the Autosomal test with Ancestry and my genetic ancestry is 77% African with 37% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 30% Cameroon Congo. Twenty-two (22) percent European and One (1) percent Native American. Let us encourage our families and friends to test. “The beauty of the Human Race is its diversity”


    • @minkyadoo, thanks so much for celebrating National DNA Day with me! You are so right about sone folks’ reaction to Tiger Woods’ refusal to embrace one ethnicity. But, in regards to my own test results, I’m not quite ready to check the “Other” box when I’m asked about my ethnicity either. I love everything about my Blackness these days tha ever before.

      I agree, getting as many of our family & friends to test is important!


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