Have You Discovered Your Family in the 1950 US Census?

3 days ago Ancestry posted on Instagram that the 1950 U.S. Census was one of the biggest moments in family history and wanted to know what everyone had discovered since its release on April 1, 2022.

Well . . . when the 1950 US Census was first released 2 months ago I had no intentions of searching for any of my family in that record right away. Why? For starters, this record was not fully indexed when it was released. So being able to type in a family member’s surname, given name, a date range, and or city, county and state where they lived was not going to pull up any information for me to peruse ithat would help me to pinpoint then in this record. Until this record is fully indexed the only way to locate family for now is to locate the Enumeration District they lived in, per the 1940 Census. Looking up the previous enumeration District is not a difficult task. But a couple of months ago all of my attention, focus, and time was spent on identifying my paternal ggg-grandmother’s and gg-grandfather’s last slave owner.

Taylor Family in the 1950 US Federal Census

But thanks to some very dedicated Census indexers over at Ancestry, I logged in to my account a couple a weeks ago to find someone had indexed the Enumeration District where my family lived in 1950! Therefore, I located my father (age 23) working 40 hours a week as a laborer at a Steel Mill (Sheffield Steel Company to be exact) my mother (age 21), and my oldest brother (15 weeks old) living at 4314 Stonewall Street in Enumeration District 263-252 in the Greater 5th Ward Community of Houston, Harris County, Texas on 11 April 1950!

Have you discovered your family in the 1950 US Census that was released on April 1, 3022? If you have, let me know what discoveries you’ve made!


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