Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – How popular was your name?

It’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with genealogy extraordinaire – Randy Seaver — and tonight’s activity is to determine the popularity of my name through the decades – 1880 – 2000!

Popular Baby Names by Decade

Popular Baby Names by Decade Reference

Tonight’s challenge is:

1) Go to the Popular Baby Name page on the Find the Best website at (or just click the screenshot of the site above)

2) Enter your given name into the search box, click the appropriate gender button, and click on the “All” Decade button. Note the results for your given name.

3) Tell us about how the popularity of your name has changed over the decades. Were you named during the buildup, the height, or the draw down of the popularity of your given name?”

4) Share your results in a blog post of your own, in comments to this blog post, or in a Facebook status or Google+ Stream post.
I entered my given name (Marlive), selected my gender (female), and chose to search “all” decades and my results were . . .


No results were found?!

Adjust what filters?

Yeah, you’re missing some results all right . . . LOL!

Trust me, I’m not surprise that there were no results. My given name is a rarity!

Ever wonder how popular your name has been through the decades? Then visit the site above and let me know if your care to share!