Online Family History Industry Trends at recently published their Online Family History Industry Trends Report, along with corresponding info-graphics which offers some very interesting data about the steady rise in family research among those 45 years of age and older. According to this report, the interest in family research for this age group is due to significant advances in content digitization, social networks, and Internet tools available to genealogists today. Not to mention interest in family research is partly fueled by NBC’s popular television series,”Who Do You Think You Are?” and the new “Searching for …” documentary on OWN TV.

I’ve been involved with family research since 1989. But around 2004, my research slowed down a great deal when I was no longer able to travel to family locations and state archives to verify my findings due to college and my career. But hearing how many organizations were making more information available online at ‘no-cost’ or ‘low-cost,’ I decided 2011 was the perfect year to resume my family research . . . and I’m so glad that I did!

So check out’s Industry Trends Infographic Report  about Online Family History!


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