Sunday’s Obituary: Carey Blanton (1838-1891)

Colorado Citizen, August 27, 1891
Blanton, Carey
Eagle Lake Item

Carey Blanton, one of our best freedmen, died at his residence in town last Saturday night, after a long illness. Carey was an honest faithful and industrious darky and will be missed by the community.”

I truly appreciate Gina Hefferman, the Texas Archives State File Manager, and all the volunteers who donate their time transcribing records and contributing to the Texas USGen Web Project! As a result of their work, I was able to locate the obituary for my maternal great-great-grandfather – Carey Blanton – that appeared in a local county newspaper via the Colorado County TexGen Web Project where over 11,000 obituaries are now online!

Carey Blanton is my great-grandmother, Carrie’s father who was born into slavery around 1838, but died a Freedman on August 22, 1891 in Eagle Lake, Colorado Country, Texas.  Though the obituary above is not very flattering with regards to calling him an “industrious darky,”  – it is, what it is, and those were the times in which he lived. But despite the reference to his race and physical features, he was a man of “good character” and appreciated by those in the Eagle Lake community.


Source Citation

“Obituary of Carey Blanton,” Colorado Citizen, Columbus, Colorado County, Texas, Tuesday, November 18, 1922, Eagle Lake Item section, available in print and available online at <,%20Carey>, accessed 10 April 2011.


7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Obituary: Carey Blanton (1838-1891)

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  2. Welcome to the Geneabloggers family. Hope you find the association fruitful; I sure do. I have found it most stimulating, especially some of the Daily Themes.

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Dr. Bill  😉
    Author of “Back to the Homeplace” []
    and “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”


    • Dr Bill, THANK YOU so much for the warm welcome to the Geneablogger family! I have definitely found the association to be awarding and informative. I have met some really great people and the knowledge and experience you all bring to this community has me simply giddy. Again, thank you and I look forward to spending some time at your place in cyberspace soon!

      Liv Taylor-Harris


  3. Great find! And what a great effort from the TXGenWeb group. It was dedication like this from others that inspired me to get involved with the project too (i volunteer for TN, NC & FL).


    • Greetings Taneya, and many thanks to YOU for visiting my blog site; I truly appreciate you! Oh YES!, the TXGenWeb has been very helpful in my research, so much so that I will be getting in touch with them this summer to lend a helping hand too. So KUDOS to you for your contribution to the TN, NC, & FL projects . . . and . . . for having an excellent blog site that I visit often!


  4. Linda, THANK YOU, so much for the wonderful compliment about my family photos and for responding to my great-great-grandfather’s obituary. I cannot tell you how excited I was to locate his obituary online; then to learn he was a wonderful man and a favorite in his community, definitely brought a smile to my face. Again, thank you for stopping by!


  5. A truly wonderful find. The qualities of honesty and industry–good character– live on to be the essence of your ancestor. The language used to lessen people of color in those days reflects more poorly on the thinking of the writer, even though he was a product of his era. I’m sure you’re proud of the more important legacy your great great grandfather left. Beautiful pictures in your photo album!


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