Follow Friday: Family Tree’s Tech Tips, Lowcountry Africana, and Genealogy

Today is Follow Friday and I want to call special attention to a couple of blogs and online resource that I think beginners and experienced genealogists will enjoy!

If you’re looking for a blog site that’s loaded — and I do mean LOADED — with up-to-date instructions, tips, and explanations on best practices for using technology with your genealogy research, then I highly recommend you grab the RSS feed to FamilySearch’s Tech Tips and drop it in your news aggregator, or save it’s link to your social bookmarking web service or browser’s favorites today! I love technology and use it every chance I get with my research! But just when I thought I was using a couple of my mobile devices to the fullest, I came upon two tech tips, “Be Prepared for Genealogical Research with Your Smartphone” and “Kindle’s Personal Document Service,” that has taken my  technology + genealogy to a whole new level.

A FREE website dedicated to African American genealogy and history in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida that I want to encourage you to visit as soon as possible (even if you aren’t doing any family research in those particular states)  is Lowcountry Africana! I became aware of this site on Twitter and I  started following them; I’m so glad I did! This site just went through a very elegant and smart re-design that allows you an opportunity to — explore, discover, research, and leave enlightened by all it has to offer!

One of my favorite online resources for all things “Genealogy” is Genealogy., a New York Times Company, is divided into topic sites, which are grouped into channels that cover diverse subjects. All content is written by a network of writers called Guides. Professional Genealogist, Kim Powell, is the Genealogy Guide over this channel that’s divided into 4 main sections – Genealogy, Learn How, Search Online, and Share & Preserve. Each section is filled with original information, downloads, news, and advice that beginners and seasoned genealogists will find helpful with their research. There’s even a Genealogy Forum available to connect with Ms. Powell and other genealogists in conversation!



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