Wordless Wednesday: Spending Time With Our Oldest Living Family Member

Well almost wordless . . .

The Chapple~Smith Family Dinner my brothers and I hosted on 2 December 2012 was a HUGE success! It was wonderful seeing cousins (along with their adult children who have children of their own) I had not seen in many years. But what made this afternoon such a special one for all the descendants was spending time with their oldest “living” Chapple ~ Smith family member — my Mom, Carrie Chapple Taylor! So below are a few photos of mom –who celebrated her 84th birthday this past October– with family members who arrived early for our dinner event!

Bowie Family

Mom with her oldest great-granddaughter, which happens to be my “mini-me” (Bowie Family)!

McLemore Family

Mom with another one of her beautiful great-granddaughters (McLemore Family)!

Armstrong Family

Mom with her great-nephew, Bernard, and great-niece, LaJuana (Armstrong & Jean Families)

Armstrong and Jean Family Members

The Armstrong and Jean Families

Marshall Family

Mom with her nephew, Ralph and niece, Bettye (Marshall Family)


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spending Time With Our Oldest Living Family Member

  1. Looks like it was a wonderful day, spending time with our
    elders are so enriching on both ends.
    Your mom looks so proud and loved by her flock. Great family pictures.


    • Hi Shelley! It was indeed a wonderful family event. Mom was all smiles all afternoon and seeing her youngest great-great grandchildren all happy, healthy, and running around making mischief, as little ones under the age of 5 can, brought her the greatest joy of all!


  2. You made the ancestors do their own happy dance! What a great event and those pictures will be priceless for future generations. I can imagine how you felt–this is why we do this research. Have a wonderful holiday season!


    • Robyn I believe our ancestors were engaged in a happy dance like we’ve never seen – LOL! This was truly a great day spent with family that I won’t ever forget. And you’re so right . . . this is exactly why we do this research. You and yours have a blessed Kwanzaa and Happy New Year too!


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