Fruitcake – Love it or Hate it!

Special thanks to one of my high school classmates on Facebook for taking me down memory lane with a discussion about fruitcakes and Collin Street Bakery!

Collin Street Bakery

If you didn’t know, this company is the fruitcake capital of the US of A!

I remember after moving to Dallas in 1990, if I wanted to stay in peace at my parents’ home for the holidays, I had to stop in Corsicana, TX and pick up a specialty (peach, cinnamon & pecan) fruit cake just for my mom.

If you’ve ever traveled with me on a short 2 to 6 hour road trip, you know making stops other than to take an emergency restroom break is a NO-NO! So the idea of having to add a stop, on my way home, to pick up a fruitcake meant that I would get caught up in all the heavy holiday traffic headed out of Dallas.

I know you’re wondering, what’s a little holiday traffic? It wouldn’t be so bad to pick up one of these fruitcakes if this bakery was right off the main highway in Corsicana like the Russell Stover Candy Company located near there. No, this bakery is located off the main highway near the business district of this small town. What’s worst, there’s not a lot of parking for all the cars and long lines of people trying to get in this place to buy, sample and taste all the different types of fruit cakes and other baked goods available there this time of year — SHEESH!

All the different fruitcakes you see in stores everywhere this time of year are simply . . . AWFUL! But, I must admit that peach, cinnamon and pecan fruitcake I had to buy mom whenever I drove home for the holidays was quite good. My personal preference and purchase whenever I was forced to make a stop at this bakery was the cinnamon and pecan coffee cake. A warm piece of that coffee cake on Christmas morning was oh so GOOD!

Ever received a fruitcake for Christmas? Did you love it, hate it, or simply re-gift it to someone else – LOL? Have you ever had a fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery? Let me know all about your fruitcake experience in this space!


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